Big Lake in the early morning was one of the most beautiful sights to behold. Thick mist rose from its smooth waters, gentle light illuminated the hills around it and a clear cloudless blue sky stretched from horizon to horizon. We stopped by the PCT centre once more before leaving the youth camp, but soon found ourselves strolling through the flat and open woodland towards the ranges to the north.

Huckleberry bushes provided small sweet treats as we walked and before we knew it we had crossed the 2000 mile mark. 2000 miles. Our feet had brought us all that way. We crossed a highway and climbed our way through burn areas into the rolling Cascades towards Mt Jefferson.

It was now hot and shade was minimal, but our legs carried us as if it was nothing up and around a rock formation known as Three Fingered Jack. Jefferson was growing ever mighty as we headed north, his great peak stretching high into the sky with patches of snow still holding on strong.

Ridge after ridge was left behind us until, finally, nothing stood in the way of the great Mt. Upon the last ridge line we stared at its beauty and searched for a suitable camp site with a view. We found one some way down the slope and watched the pink evening light crawl its way up to the peak as the sun dipped down behind us.