Come morning the mosquitoes had calmed down. Perhaps it was too cold for them, it certainly was almost too cold for us. Wanting an early start we swiftly packed up and made our way through the dimly lit woodland away from Stormy Lake. Along the trail we passed small lakes whose surfaces were shrouded in mist as the morning heat began to pick up. We also passed through meadows full of grass and flower, granite ridges protruding between the trees and a large Boy Scout group out on a 50 mile adventure.

The aim was to put in good miles and we certainly were getting them done fast, but as the afternoon dragged on we found ourselves climbing long slopes that drained our energy. However, by late afternoon we suddenly strolled out of the forest and hills, and into a field whose open view stunned us. Before us were the Three Sisters: North and Middle Sister directly ahead, and South Sister off to the horizon to our right. These three prominent peaks, with snow clad slopes, red volcanic caps, huge craters and gnarled peaks, were so incredibly beautiful that a second wind came to us immediately.

We now meandered through meadows, wood and field around their bases until, at the base of Middle Sister, we found a lovely spot to camp above a pond. We knew that the next day would bring inspiring changes to our environment. These volcanoes had left their mark on the land and we were stoked to go see it.