Despite the festivities of the previous night we managed to get up and get ready to leave Shelter Cove for the 7am open of the grill. We grabbed a muffin and pastry for breakie, and got our fine selves back to the trail. The sky was mottled with cloud, but it looked as if the blue sky was winning the battle. We spent the vast majority of the day among dropping woodland where cauliflower fungus was bursting from the dirt in all directions.

The trail passed by a few lakes including the Rosary lakes at which we collected water. The monotony began to drain us once again, but we were saved by a burn area whose clearing gave us views of the range to come. Sure enough, that range was the Three Sisters Wilderness home to the three volcanoes known as the… you can work it out.

The open sights were short lived as we dived back into the forest once more making our way to Stormy Lake for camp. On arrival the lake sat beautifully still and deep blue, but shortly after marvelling at its depth the area became a mosquito hell. We tucked up in our tent for the night listening to that now familiar drone of small wings all around the netting.