Strong thuds of rain slapped against the outer fly layer of our tent as our eyes peeled themselves open. They were slow at first as we decided it was time to rise, but as we did, a crack of thunder roared above followed by a torrent of rain. Well I guess we’ll return to bed. We couldn’t wait it out forever, so after another half hour or so we braved the rain and packed up camp. We were charging through the drenched forest towards Shelter Cove where showers, food and a resupply awaited.

Originally we planned to pass on through after all those necessities were met, but if the weather kept like this we’d stay the night in the campground. We breakfasted alongside Summit Lake where a kind fishing family gave us some “juice” (it was just sugar water) and a burger to share. The generosity of strangers never stops amazing us.

We proceeded up a long climb and down its opposite side until we reached the road to the cove. The resort had a large tent dedicated to PCT hikers, but we hung around the grill with a burger in hand as soon as we arrived. It then turned out that Trouble and Cheeks had managed to grab a large cabin. This is like music to a hiker’s ears.

A big group of us showered at the cabin and hung out for the evening with drinks and food. At that point the weather had cleared up enough to dry our tent, but it did indeed rain all night. Thank god we had decided to stay in the fire warmed cabin with the others.