A solid sleep was interrupted by the light morning haze passing between the trees around us. Just a few miles down trail was Oregon and Washington’s highest point on the PCT. Standing at 7,500 ft (lower than the lowest point in the Sierra section), this incredibly gradual hill epitomised the stereotype of Oregon. Once again in the shroud of the forest, we moved swiftly trying to keep the onslaught of the mosquitoes away from our legs as we weaved from tree to tree. It was overcast giving a cool feel to the air, but not a breeze stirred the humid pockets of the wood.

Much of the day proceeded like this, though stops at water caches by dirt roads gave a break from the trees at times. Come evening we were hiking with Cornflake and Milkshake up a long climb to a ridge, when suddenly the heavens gave way. They had done so already that day, but this brought hail and thunder from right above us. At a high point, it wasn’t the most ideal time for it all to break loose, but we found fun among the hail stones, flashes of lighting and immediate rumble of deep thunder.

This spurred us on to camp which was an open spot low down on the ridge line. The rain made for muddy work at we pitched tent and somehow mosquitoes joined in the chaos making for a sticky, wet and itchy evening before sleep. Fingers crossed the next day brings sun.