No mountain lions snatched us up in the night, so more walking for us today I guess. We marched back up to the Crater Lake Rim Trail and stared in absolute awe at its beauty in the morning light. Wizard Island was silhouetted by the gentle glare cast off the smooth waters of the lake. The rim’s edge looked mighty as we skirted around past Llao Rock, but it was oddly short lived as the trail dipped down to the roads side for much of the rim’s circumference. We loved the rolling fields around the crater, but knew that these too would be short lived as we began the slow trot back to the green tunnel.

With Cornflake and Milkshake, a French couple we’ve attached to, we gathered water at the cache and headed out into the 11 mile dry stretch. The tunnel was more open now as we were surrounded by dead or dying trees, all succumbing to some kind of tumouros disease. The heat swept down, but it didn’t take long to reach the next water cache. From here we reentered dense forest as we climbed up towards Mt Thielsen. It stood as a jagged peak with a base of red and yellow layered rock. A little onwards, we crossed a beautiful stream collecting the last of the days water and headed into the forest once more for camp.