Awaking to the unfamiliar sound of highway traffic was odd and didn’t help shake off the groggy sleep in our eyes. We collected enough water to last us a 11 mile dry stretch, but before we could head off we had to tend to Molly’s foot. A painful blister had formed on her arch making it hard for her to step, a pretty vital part of thruhiking. We leached the blister (passing a thread through it to allow the goo to exit) and headed off.

We were firmly within the “green tunnel” where nothing but trees surrounded the trail for miles on end. The monotony is draining, but at least a slight cloud cover kept us cool. Nearing the water source I met a SOBO hiker named Joe Kool the K man, a serious character and one that I’m going to have to remember for future days. The water source was a mosquito haven, but we did what we can to fend them off while tucking into lunch.

Back to the tunnel for the afternoon until we climbed a rocky ridge line in the early evening which gave us horizon views of lakes and mountains. We descended its northern side to a beautiful camp site with a stunning view of the red sunset. The mosquito game was strong with this one. We slept to the sound of their drone, strangely more comforting than the cars from the previous night.