The night had been dark and full of weird noises. Some animal was having a right laugh with a tree and didn’t care who knew of it. We never found out what it was despite getting out of the tent and shining our head lamps around. When leaving in the morning we had a set plan for our breakfast location, Klum Landing campground. This was because it had picnic tables, flushing loos and showers, we used all but the latter.

The trail then wound its way gently through forest and ridge line meadows, many of which were filled with a berry shrub that suspiciously resembled blueberry…not sure though. As usual it was hot, and the monotony of landscape didn’t help the grind, but we did catch up with Miles and Matt, two Brits who we had the pleasure of experiencing drunk in Ashland. With them we hiked to the South Brown Mountain Shelter for water and beyond towards Highway 140.

The trail suddenly burst its way across lava fields whose once oozing liquid rock had cut its way through the forest. The jagged black and red rocks hurt underfoot, but the change in environment was welcome. Eventually we crossed HW 140 and nestled among the trees at a lovely clearing along side Rogue River. Sore feet thanked us as we dipped them in the water, and tired bodies thanked us more for rest after what had turned out to be quite a long day.