This was our chore day and return hitch. We had breakfast at Morning Glory with Tom the vagabond himself, before heading downtown to buy new socks, shorts and some juice. A gent named Mike, with his dog Argo, gave us a lift in his new jeep to the supermarket where we resupplied for 10 days – Oregon doesn’t provide many large towns along the trail, and the post office was closed that day so we couldn’t send any food forward.

Mike then returned to give us a ride to trail, however, he dropped us off 17 miles up from our intended location. Luckily, Nelly was there with her parents and they saved the day, driving us to where we should have been. This killed time, so we only managed 2 miles before it began to get dark. We set up camp a little frustrated and flustered within a meadow.

The Cascades