There are two significant points to this day:
1. It was our first day hiking over 30 miles
2. We left California behind and crossed the state border into Oregon!!
Four months trekking through the same state is agonising on the mental side of things, so crossing that border was an absolute blessing. When we woke, we knew we’d be embarking on our biggest day yet.

Thoughts of Oregon pulled us along the ridge lines which seemed comfortably graded throughout the day. The silhouetted view of the ridge line range around us in the morning haze was beautiful, each ridge its own shade of shadow. The heat was there but so was a breeze that swept away sweat and propelled our legs onwards. Everyone had the same idea and drive; cross that damn border. It was a beautiful end to the golden state that had challenged us in so many ways. California’s last mile or so provided meadow fields ringing to the sound of cow bells as herd mowed their way around the trail.

Admittedly, the border line was halfway up a hill, but we didn’t care we just had to get there. Rounding the corner to see the modest signposts that signified the change and the clump of hikers huddled around it just lifted the heart. Even better still was the fact that we now saw for the first time a three digit number beside Canada’s name.

We sat, celebrated and chatted with the others before pressing on for our first 6 miles of Oregon state. It started with a climb, but levelled our so beautifully that we openly thanked Oregon more than once. We collected cold water from Sheep Camp Spring, the first fully flowing spring in days, and made our way through dark woodland, past meadow hills and to a ridge line camp spot. Oregon had welcomed us superbly, we were now set for Ashland the next day, our first zero in over a month just 20 miles away.