An early get up was rewarded with a stunning and warming sunrise. Looking at @guthookguides we knew we had some heffa climbs coming up including one that took up 5 miles of the trail. Molly was pissed off at this point with the gradient, she is not a fan of uphill hiking. We tackled Apache Peak and faced our first snow passes which we took in our stride ignoring the slopes downwards.

I have to say they weren’t as bad as the hype had made it out to be. Everyone slogged up the killer hill just to be met by a 4 mile stretch of snow. Chef joined us for a beastly attempt to march through the snow to Idyllwild for dinner and as a team we killed it. A 2.5 decline down the devils slide and a hitch hike later, we were in town ready for our first zero the following day. Absolute beast of a day ending in fireside bliss 👌.