The rising sun cast a stunning pink light on the horizon as it rose above the silhouetted range before us. I looked to the ridge to our left and was eager to see what was over it’s rim. However, it turned out that was not where the PCT went, instead we headed straight up the steep bowl behind us. A rough climb to start the day, also turns out this was going to be the day’s theme as we continuously dipped down and up the shoulders of valleys. To be fair though, they were beautiful.

Meadows covered many of their slopes with soft grasses and a range of flowers. Large boulderous formations topped the ridges around us and the smoke had largely been blown out providing views of these silhouetted beasts all around. With not a cloud in the sky the days heat was pounding on each hill, but cold streams and the woodland shade were our saviours. We reached the start of the 21 mile descent towards Seiad Valley.

Though it sounds great to walk downhill, descents like these are hell for the knees. It was hard to keep entertained in the monotony of the forest and our feet and legs groaned with discomfort. Eventually, about 7 miles down, we pitched tent in a logging truck turn point with many others. A fast flowing cold river nearby have our feet the cold soak they needed before bed gave the rest our bodies begged for.