Etna Park was the town’s central park area with luscious soft green grass and an area designated for camping hikers. It was bliss, and slowly waking up there after laying in felt heavenly. We had two main things to do before getting back to trail; finish off our resupply at Ray’s and try out the Denny Bar Company for lunch. Firstly, as it was a Sunday and everything was closed for a while, we headed for breakfast where all the hikers gathered.

Everyone was talking about getting to Oregon in the next few days, it felt brilliant to finally be at this point. We resupplied and hung out at the Denny Bar Co. till it opened and were absolutely blown away by the quality of food there 👌. Next was our hitch to trail, but this was delayed by bumping into Tom and Crane along the way. It was brilliant seeing them again and hard to come away from, but the trail was calling.

Our hitch was yet another truck with a dog, Pretzel, but this time it was secure and without suspicion. Back on the ridge lines the midday heat was subdued by a cool breeze which also had blown much of the smoke out of the area allowing views of the foothills and valleys surrounding us. We slowly made our way along before entering a rocky slope bowl around which we would camp. There were many small lakes at which hikers were camping, but we passed by to a rocky outcrop towards the end of the valley bowl before settling down. We were on the final North Cal stretch and pumped to get back to killing miles the next day.