The morning view was just as stunning as the previous evening. The subtle morning glow shone off of Mt Shasta with a pale blue light, and Mt Lassen was visible through the morning haze. We were pumped, ready for a potentially big mile day and eager to see what other views the day along the ridge would bring. The truth is that it didn’t bring much.

Don’t get me wrong it was beautiful and the trail was kind with its gradual undulations from one ridge to the next, passing lakes and meandering to a fro from Shasta, but over the course of the day each ridge saddle and traverse didn’t bring anything new to view. We actually spent much of the day confused about our heading, with no sense of a northbound direction.

We dipped in and out of forest and shrub, saved from the heat by a light cloud cover and fresh breeze. Deadfall Lakes was packed with tourists, some eager to hear of our time in the Sierra, and it was a beautiful location with its many lakes offering the temptation for a swim. We pressed on though, passed a trail head, over an exposed  dusty ridge and into the forest once more settling for camp by a creek. The scenery hadn’t pulled us along as we had hoped, but despite that we put in good miles with relatively little effort.