Our rest in Dunsmuir was well needed, but it was time to get the show back on the road. We wanted to leave town sooner than usual (at least before midday) so that we could still put in some miles. Our bags were packed fast and we spoke to Julian, the manager of Cave Springs Motel, about a potential ride back to the trail. First of all though we had to pick up some spare things for resupply and grab breakfast.

We went to the Wheelhouse for breakfast and it did not disappoint. From here Julian picked us up and took us back to the trail right around midday, perfect 👌. We knew the trail was all up for the next 15 miles or so, climbing its way from forest to the manzanita ridgeline below Castle Crags. The heat kicked our butts, but we continued putting one foot in front of the other taking breaks by springs along the way.

We gained 3000 ft of elevation over 4 miles of trail, that’s pretty steep, but it actually didn’t hurt us as bad as we had imagined and soon we were at the top. The walk along the ridge as the sun dipped to the horizon was stunning. Behind us stood Mt Shasta, level to us was Castle Crags and off on the horizon beyond the forest were Mt Burney and Lassen. As we neared camp, the sun set and shone its pink light over it all. We were stunned by the beauty of it all as we set up tent. This for sure contested Pinchot Pass for best camp spot so far.