Town day! We only had a seven or so mile hike to get to the I-5 which would be our hitch spot to reach Dunsmuir. We did however have to decide on what kind of Nero this would be; a pop in pop out resupply? Or, an overnight stay? There were pros and cons for both, and we decided to leave the final verdict for when we were in town itself. Firstly, we had to get to the highway and this meant a steady and long descent through dense forest for the entire 7 miles.

We eventually popped out by a river and had a short road walk to the I-5 where we hitched from the side of a slip road. A lady gave us a lift to the wheelhouse cafe which unfortunately was closed, but Dunsmuir proved to have plenty of other cafe options for breakfast. It’s a cute small town whose buildings resemble a 1950’s film set. We decided that we liked it and would stay the night at Cave Springs motel on the edge of town, but first we did our chores.

A 4 day resupply would do us to Etna, the last resupply stop before Oregon. With shopping done it was time to pick up my new shoes from the post office and I broke their shiny soles in on the way to the motel. Cave Springs was a haven for our tired bodies. We stayed in a little wood cabin over looking the green, watching squirrels play among the sprinklers. It was time to rest up for the last push of North California, and boy were we ready for it.