I allowed us to sleep in a little bit as a way to recover from the previous days miles and late rest. We got out of Cache 22 just before 7 and wound our way down the trail as it slowly descended into Hat Creek valley. The trail stayed out in the open passing small lava fields and dry grasslands as it went from east to west towards Mt Burney. We were within a 13 mile dry stretch and the days heats began to build, so much so that you could feel it coming off the ground. The volcanic rocks pressed into our tired and sore feet, but we pushed on to the water source at pace nonetheless reaching its cold stream for lunch.

Three miles beyond here was another respite, Burney Mountain Ranch, where we could check out their store for goodies and lay down in some shade to kill the afternoon heat. To get there, we walked by a fish hatchery and lake, where people gathered to fish in its deep blue waters. Just outside the ranch were power lines on top of which were the nests of Osprey, a large fishing bird of prey rare in the UK. We rested at the ranch enjoying Gatorade and shade, and bumped into Chatter who had been staying there the night before.

After two hours we got ourselves back on trail with the idea of walking a further 6 miles to a campground and water source, however, it turned out to be 8 miles away as our app had miss calculated the distance. It was getting late when we arrived because of this, though we still had some day light left to enjoy as we collected water and made use of the picnic benches for dinner. The sky was a subtle red as we tucked down for bed after the days 24 miles.