Awaking before the rest of the team, we got off to a solid start as the heat rose. It was exposed but relatively flat at first. We took break before our first climb, but it was here that Ethan forgot his @outdoorresearch sun gloves. Realising his mistake approximately 2 miles down the track after the climb, he decided it was worth the rescue mission. At midday in the exposed heat, Ethan ran the 2 miles there and 2 miles back successfully returning in 30 minutes much to Mollys surprise. It was on this day that “Road Runner” was born.

Right around the corner was a water cache…however it was empty. We had to march 3 miles further to the next source provided by a beautiful trail angel. The trail continued upwards before coming down to Paradise Valley Cafe where we tucked into a couple of Motha Load Burgers with the entire crew. ‘Twas also this day that Mayo was born due to the absolute side order of mayonnaise that she ordered @wickedcabbage. Together we accepted the owners kind offering of cowboy camping on their porch just to awake to breakfast the next morning. A long tough day heavily fuelled by want of these meals.