We had such a blissful rest at the Motel, but it was already time to say goodbye. Bags packed and room evacuated, we headed to the post office to pick up Molly’s shiny new shoes and then made our way to Kopper Kettle Café for breakfast.

We agreed to do a long stretch to Dunsmuir, mile 1501, before our next resupply meaning that we’d need to buy around 8 days worth of supplies from the local market. With this chore done it was time to hitch and it didn’t take too long for the perfect ride to arrive.

A shiny yellow Mustang GT pulled in beside us, but we took no notice of it thinking that surely it couldn’t be for us. “Get in!” No frickin’ way! Without even questioning it we slung our bags into the boot and hopped in, grins from cheek to cheek. Our drivers name was Mike, Mustang Mike, and he was the father to Snickers the hiker whose aunt and uncle had provided magic back at Carson Pass. Thank you Snickers.

Elevated from this ride, we got back on the trail and strolled through the gently graded woodland within sight of Mt Lassen. The trail was kind, but town days are always slow, luckily however we only wanted to do around 10 miles to put us in good stead for the next days march into Lassen National Park. We camped in a sweet little spot listening to the rush of the North Fork of Feather River whilst mosquitoes danced around our tent.