We packed camp like our lives depended on it. The burn for town was real; our feet were sore, clothes smelled, hair was matted and bellies pining for milkshakes. A two stage ascent lay a head of us before a long descent down to highway 36. The trail remained within woodland for the majority of the way and passed the PCT Midpoint. This consisted of a concrete bollard signifying 1325 miles either way to Mexico and Canada.

Not going to lie it was underwhelming, but it did feel good knowing that mileage wise we only had ahead of us what we had already achieved. Continuing the descent we passed by dirt roads and trough meadow fields before finally, around 11 am, arriving to the highway. We grabbed a hitch with Chris and Mike who took us to the Antlers Motel, but we couldn’t check in till 3 pm. We killed time eating burgers at the Burger Depot and resting in Cravings Cafe.

Chester is a small town whose simple selection of food and market places like the highway as it passes through, and it felt nice to actually have the simple choice of just a few places to hang out. Once we checked into our room we were there for the rest of the day besides quick ventures to the supermarket for snacks and dinner. 10/10 evening of food and TV.