Another restless night filled with the sound of rustling as deer made their way through the woods. With a later start than intended we headed up the second half of the climb we began the evening before. We had accepted this would be a time killer and not one to run up, however, it proved far more so than expected with us only having done 3.5 miles in two hours and with 3 miles still to go.

To make things worse, I was stung randomly by a bee which shocked me sending my sunglasses crashing to the floor splitting a lens. I then discovered that my water had been leaking in my bag for sometime adding to the uncomfortably soaked feeling I already had thanks to sweat 👌. Nonetheless, with every step we drew closer to the climbs end and eventually topped it with a summit breakfast.

We now walked along exposed ridge line, dipping into forests of fir with occasional grassy meadow. We had lunch at Cold Spring I the company of two locals named Sandy and Durrell. We just clicked and talked about everything under the sun. They were an absolute delight and thank them for their company. From here the trail continued its forested path for sometime before bursting out over volcanic rock characteristic of this area around Lassen National Park.

With the aim of getting as close to Chester for town the following day, we pressed on though our feet screamed with the ache of long days and big climbs. We rested them in a car park alongside a dirt road for a little while and agreed to continue he 3.8 miles further to Little Cub Spring. More volcanic ridge line followed with views of what we assumed must be Mt Lassen. To arrive in camp with resting time to spare was a treat and we made the most of it stretching our tired bodies on our sleeping pads. Chester was now 15 miles away, we planned on reaching it by lunch the next day.