It was a cold cold morning up there on that ledge, but boy was it pretty in the morning sun. We had done most of a big climb the evening before, so we picked up where we left heading towards the Peter Grubb Hut. We wanted to stop by and have a look at what it offered, but it must have been off trail as it was nowhere to be seen. In the odd way of this world we passed through snow around the base of the day’s hills, but made up for lost time among the rocky switchbacks near the summits.

Two SOBO hikers informed us that ahead was some more route finding sections through snow, but that we’d shortly be out of it in the next day or two. This gave us hope and besides, this snow was no match for what we experienced in the high Sierra, we got this! After lunch the trail wound its way up once more to an exposed ridge line of Mule’s Ear shrub and flower. From here on it was pretty much clear and the high elevation gave views of the pine and fir forests all around us.

We soon started the long descent down towards Sierra City (tomorrows lunch break), which provided a beautiful woodland hike that we could for once enjoy without fear of snow. The air was a mix of pine and honey as we passed through areas of felled trees whose open areas birthed bushes of sweet scented flowers. The trees still standing all sported luminescent lichen adding to the colour all around us.

After some time we reached a road bridge that crossed a gorgeously flowing river, and found ourselves a little camping spot among the trees along the bank. Deer passed us as we ate dinner seemingly unbothered by our presence. And so came an end to the 23 mile day of absolute blissful walking.