Sunday morning is a pretty decent time to hitch hike. People aren’t at work, they’re making the most of what time they have left of the weekend, and are usually up for finishing it all with a moment of kindness before work life takes it all away from them for another week. We weren’t in any rush though, we also know people like to sleep in so…so did we. Sugar Glider and Chatter headed off on the trail around 7 as we snoozed, but we ourselves were by the road side by 8 with thumbs out and wearing our best smiles.

We got a ride with a yoga therapist headed to Truckee who kindly dropped us off outside Wild Cherries Cafe. It was packed and after our order we could see why! We tucked into the most delicious breakfast bagels, smoothies and muffins before heading over the road to the Safe Way store for our resupply. Safe Way is a pretty good bet for a solid resupply and it was easy for us to stock up for the 5 day stretch to Quincy. We had made a one month plan highlighting 6 potential resupply/Nero stops between now and Oregon, and planned to make it to that order come the first week of August.

Before hitching back to trail we enjoyed a pizza for lunch because why not? This hitch took a little longer, but eventually we were taken back to the exact point we left thanks to a wonderful German couple, Zelka and Klaus. The trail was packed with day hikers, climbers, and trail runners between Highways 40 and 80 which consisted of granite boulders, open trail and woodland. We eased through the flooded tunnels of Hwy 80 and climbed our way up to Castle Pass. With 7 miles under our belt and the sun starting to dip, we found ourselves a beautiful spot overlooking the forest below from a ledge poking out of a boulder formation. It was a short mile and early ending day, but we were happy to be back to a true Nero routine.