With no chance of a late check out we woke early to enjoy the Air BnB for as many conscious hours as we could. I started my day with two huge bowls of cereal, getting through one whole box of granola and the majority of a Special K Honey Nut. Molly slowly came to as I watched Netflix in the background and eventually we were back to the regular; TV, food, extra shower and call home. We were packed up and ready to evacuate by 11 and used the wooden seats outside the room as we planned the days chores before getting back to trail.

Tahoe is lovely but it’s size makes getting around difficult. We needed to head to the post office (2 hour walk away) and resupply at the market (30 minutes away) – the travel time between the two was going to put a serious dent in our day. Luckily as we began walking a fella (Richard) called to us from across the street stating that he had been in the angel business for some time and may be able to shuttle us around with the help of his two mates. After some chat on the grass about outdoor dangers, his friends gave us a ride to the post office on their way to a few errands. They then kindly dropped us off at the market which was jammed full of people rushing around for the 4th July celebrations the next day. We squeezed our way around them resupplying for a 3 day stretch to Truckee. We then contacted Richard for a ride to the trail, but while waiting for him to finish some jobs we got a lift with a lady and her daughter heading home to Christmas Valley. They agreed to take us all the way to the trail and even picked up another hiker (Future) along the way. Unfortunately, due to miscommunication we were dropped off 1.6 miles down from where we intended to rejoin the trail, but we didn’t see the worth in hitching again to Echo Summit and decided to go ahead from where we were, Echo Lake. We made use of the lake side views and store, ate a late lunch by the water and got going once again. The trails skirted the lakes edge offering beautiful scenes of glistening water and conifer forest the whole way to Desolation Wilderness where we camped below some junipers