Oh, that sweet sweet feeling of waking up on a town day. We arose early in the snow to get out and to town as soon as we could. Tahoe was to be the location for a proper and expensive belated birthday celebration for Molly, and we were both pumped to get there. Much of what we had left to do was downhill, but first we slowly made our way through the forest picking out the trail where we could among the snow.

As it started to become patchy with lower elevation we began to stride and soon found ourselves within a steep canyon cutting our ways across boulders, woodland and waterfalls on our way down. Every now and then we caught a glimpse of the water body mass that is Lake Tahoe. It stretches wide and to the horizon, a deep inviting blue in the morning light. Boulders subsided for denser woodland as the canyon began to level out, and on the air was the hum of the highway.

We reached tarmac just in time to come across two new hikers being dropped off for a Southbound stretch into the Sierra. They were an aunt and nephew going on an adventure together to bond, and their love and excitement was palpable. Cindy, their friend who dropped them off, agreed to give us a ride back to town. She was the most adorable lady and we bonded during the 20 minutes or so we got to spend with her.

Our schedule was as so;  breakfast, lake stroll, Indian all you can eat, buy snacks, Air BnB, fancy dinner and sleep. The day pretty much went to that effect though the size of South Lake Tahoe made getting around difficult with out walking a few hours here and there which was the one thing we least wanted to do. It was a beautiful day in town though and the Air BnB was a perfect rest spot. The piece de resistance was our meal out at Evans restaurant, a place so fancy it hurt for us to sit there in our thermals and stained shorts. The staff and customers were good natured though and we enjoyed telling them tales of the trails.