Having camped at the edge of the snow line, the first part of our day was rather pleasant as we descended further into the valley via largely snowless trail. It cut through small woodlands and into an exposed rocky landscape from which we climbed and traversed many ridge lines. On some slopes the snow was irritatingly present forcing us to play hide and seek with the trail. Away from these rocky formations we trudged through snow clad slopes and open snow fields cursing its energy sapping tendencies.

Suddenly however, our day got significantly more interesting. Over the audiobook playing in my ears I became aware of a tuneful sound. I whipped the ear plugs from my ears to hear a piccolo playing hobbit music in the air. We stood still in awe and confusion of what we were hearing only to turn the corner to find a fella sat on his own among the snow. His name was Crazy Legs, he was a PCT hiker in 2015, but having missed a few sections he was out to complete what he had skipped and we had come across him as he took break and played the beautiful tune. We chatted for a little while before he decided to join us on our way to Ebbetts Pass. He told us all about his experiences, what to expect around the 4th of July and of course Lord Of The Rings was a mutually appreciated topic too. Together we pushed through the snow and towards a few lakes whose bank sides offered dry and beautiful camping sites. Crazy Legs got a fire going and we gathered as a trio telling Sierra stories and listening to more of his Hobbit tunes into the night. It was a random but delightful encounter. Crazy Legs will go down as a tail legend in our books.