That time again. One last lay in bed before packing up our bags getting the hell outta Bridgeport after a lovely zero and rest. The town provided next to nothing for resupply so we hitched in two parts; once to Walker to resupply and again to the Sonora trail head. Beforehand though, we mailed off our bear canisters and ice axes, we won’t be needing them anymore and my parents can take them home as memories of our time in the Sierra.

It took some time to grab a ride but eventually a 67 year old returning from triathalon training gave us a lift to Walker general store. First impressions weren’t great – it was so small – however, it proved grander than imagined on the inside and provided everything we could have wanted. We bought enough to last us 4-5 days with South Lake Tahoe as our next stop. We then crammed in lunch and got back for hitch part two.

It took another long wait before we got a ride, but “Mental Mark” came to our rescue. He was high as a kite and much of what he said went totally over our heads as we clutched to one another as his rickety Landy tore around corners. The weather around Sonora was ominous, the first signs of rain in a long time. It cleared up as we started to climb, pushing our way through the snow to the ridge line hoping for views of clear trail. Unfortunately we could still see snow but there was hope in the shape of dense forests and low lying rolling hills. We did stay in snow for the rest of the day as we slowly descended down a valley towards a river finding a space to camp among the trees and rocks.