It’s time for more trail angel appreciation. On day 32 we were aiming for a whopping 22 mile day. It was hot, tough and wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for these two gems. Set up in a car park outside a fire station in the middle of nowhere, Michel and Rachel had the one trail magic to rule them all. Burgers, beer, water, crisps, fruit, chocolate, sweets, and a lil dawg. It was an insane show of generosity!

Newly engaged and ready to set up a family, they plan on taking on the PCT in the future and were keen to know about equipment and trail tips. I have no doubt that when their time comes they will smash it. It was an absolute honour to spend time with them, and we are hoping to see them once more towards the Sierras in a few weeks.

Check out their grams and send them some love because these beauties deserve it:

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