Waking up next to Butcher Knife Creek with their own private beach after a good nights sleep sees the guys in high spirits as they head out through dense woodland. They’ve recovered well overnight, except for Molly’s bee sting from yesterday which is swollen and annoying. They move down the trail towards McCloud River, and have wonderful bear encounter with a beautiful cinnamon coloured female. The trail is hard and dusty, and overgrown with poison oak, which they do their best to avoid. They bump into old friends at lunch, and catch up on gossip from elsewhere on the trail. Squaw Valley Creek offers respite from the heat of the day, and they stop for a lovely swim. Early evening sees them leave the ‘green tunnel’ of trees and emerge with views of Mt Shasta and Castle Crags. Thinking about their town visit tomorrow to Dunsmuir, they are hoping for the opportunity for a wash and a rest, and of course a load of food! Hiding in their tent from the mosquitos, day 118 ends in episode 102 of Trail & Errors.