A beautiful sunrise to start the day, and the path is tougher than expected as they move towards Seaid Valley. The first hill of the day is steep, and they will be going up and down along ridgelines all day, eventually beginning the 21 miles of trail that winds down to the valley floor. Passing through a gap between two mountain shoulders Ethan is plagued by bees and wasps and other buzzing annoyances as he collects water in the shade, but there are plenty of beautiful flowered meadows and long distant views to keep the eyes interested. Molly’s feet are hurting, and showing significant signs of wear and tear, though nothing that can’t be overcome. They both smell awful, and trying to keep their socks in any kind of reasonable shape is a topic for discussion. Up and down again all afternoon, and as they start the long route down to Seaid Valley there are limited camping spots on the steep terrain and everyone is aiming for the same site halfway down the descent. Ethan takes a tumble as they near the campsite, where they are able to soak their aching feet in an icy stream whilst trying to stop the deer from stealing their hiking poles. They are glad to finish what has been a hard days hiking on the PCT. 14.3 miles to go until a milkshake! Episode 108 of Trail & Errors 🙂