Leaving town is a weird bubble of emotions. On one side you’re devastated to leave the comforts of town, yet on the other you are buzzing to get back on trail and back to the simple life of a hiker. The AirBnB was absolute bliss and it was a shame to leave, but we hung out at Stella Brew for the morning and early afternoon while errands such as resupplies were done. Molly and I had bought enough food for an 8 day stretch to Sonora Pass (Mile 1016.9) where we hoped to get off to Bridgeport.

During this period it would be Molly’s birthday, so the sooner around that time we could get to town the better, but 8 days was a safe bet. Many of the crew had decided they wanted to add a few days to the stretch by going off trail to Yosemite Valley, and Crush had even grabbed a hitch from Bishop in order to join them. However, Molly and I wished to visit the valley another time so had to embrace the fact that in a few days time the family would break for a while.

Several angels offered us lifts back to the road closure and by 5pm we were all there heading back towards trail with the aim of just reaching the PCT to camp. Yet, once we made it to the Mammoth Pass trail head all those who had gone in the first few lifts were settling down in the car park still 3.5 miles from trail. We joined them of course, enjoying dinner on picnic benches and SOBO’s retelling of films. Everyone was slightly paranoid about the CO2 levels which could be dangerous when settled in confined spaces (i.e. tents), but a strong breeze blew away our worries and sleep came shortly.