It’s a cold morning on trail, and after a 10 day stretch out in the sticks Molly & Ethan are pleased that finally they will reach civilisation today! Bumping into Ribbit (Tom) & Nellie, they start to discuss their food plans for the day, with burgers due to be the first of many meals. Ethan stumbles across what looks like a Porcupine kill, and takes some quills as a keepsake for his mum & dad (I’m sure they’ll be grateful!). Thoughts again turn to town and they weigh their immediate need for cleanliness against their desire to eat some proper food (Ethan yearns for cereal). Unfortunately Reds Meadow, the normal resupply point just off trail, is still closed due to the snow, and they turn off the PCT to take the 2.5 mile side route over Mammoth Pass to Horseshoe Lake and a road. Seeing the absence of cars in the car park their fears are realised when they discover the road to Horseshoe Lake is still closed and they have another 4 miles to walk to get to an open section. Eventually reaching a point where they can hitch they get into Mammoth Lakes and head to the Motel 6 where Funk & Cricket have booked a shared room for a few of them. A euphoric rendezvous discussing the obstacles they’ve encountered over this difficult stretch through the Sierras (& a whole box of cereal for Ethan) they are pleased to have reached town and are looking forward to a couple of days off and a nice AirBnB from tomorrow that Funk & Cricket have organised for a load of them. Episode 70 of Trail & Errors 🙂