Enjoy the sounds of a ‘double zero’ in the ski town of Mammoth Lakes, as the guys take a couple of days off to recover from their 10 days in the mountains. Thoughts move ahead to Yosemite, where they will enter the park in a couple of days. Funk entertains us on the guitar, they all think about going skiing for the day (the slopes are open!), they discuss reasons for doing the PCT and the inherent dangers. Molly, Ethan, and SOBO plunder a bakery for croissants and doughnuts, and they get their first warning about the swelling river crossings in northern Yosemite. They visit a very Californian smoothie bar for an $11 Happy Belly & Banana smoothie, they bump into Zach, who they last saw in the fading light going astray over Mather Pass in the high Sierra. They again discuss the river crossings ahead, before checking into their AirBnB…wow! It’s awesome 🙂 With laundry done, some new shorts for Ethan, and a BBQ planned with everyone that evening the team are happy to be in civilisation for the moment; Episode 71 of Trail & Errors.