Another good night’s sleep, and team EthaMol are ready for the day. With Lassen National Park ahead, they will be forced to hike all the way through the park as they no longer have their bear canisters, so it will be 25 miles to their next campsite. An added distraction is the $15 all you can eat buffet mid-way through the park at the Draksbad Guest Ranch which they plan to indulge in. As they are running early there is a quick side trip to Terminal Geyser, and then Boiling Lake; both of which attest to the volcanic nature of this part of California. Reaching the guest ranch they are able to use the pool before lunch, where they join the other hikers escaping the sun. An awesome lunch follows, before they head uphill in the building heat through stifling forests. The stillness makes the mosquitos bold, and they are ever-present. At the beautiful Upper Twin Lake they stop for a paddle, before walking through a fire-ravaged section of woodland. Water is somewhat scarce, so in anticipation of camping they fill up as they approach the park boundary. Bedding down just outside of Lassen NP it is another successful day on trail; Episode 97 of Trail & Errors.