Another good nights sleep on the trail, though the morning is plagued with mosquitos. Somewhat overcast, Ethan is hoping that the cloud cover will keep the temperature down, but it soon burns off and it is another hot day in Northern California. Setting out along the rolling ridge lines they are pleased that the views today are better, with some dramatic vistas out to the horizon and sightings of Mt Shasta from time to time. Molly is particularly taken by the vibrancy of the flowers they are now seeing in the meadows, rather than the scrubby bushes of previous open areas. Entering Klamath National Forest with the PCT sign peppered with bullet holes as normal (they do enjoy shooting things here!) they make a 1/4 mile detour from the trail to a campsite with picnic tables for lunch; not having to eat on the ground is a worthwhile deviation. The disappointment of another campsite with no Trail Magic is soon forgotten when they bump into their old friend Nellie! She’s on a mission to get to Ashland where she has to leave the trail to attend Med school, but they have time to catch up before she speeds off on her 40-mile hike for the day. The day ends along a beautiful red-rock trail with great views and even a patch of snow. A brilliant day of steady walking at a relaxed pace. The town of Etna beckons tomorrow perhaps, where there are a couple of famous places to get a burger… Episode 105 of Trail & Errors 🙂