After a couple of days in Mammoth Lakes the team finish their shopping and head back to the trail. Ethan runs through the supplies they’ve bought for the next 8 days, with a focus on cheese. They hitchhike back to trail, and are faced with the 4 mile closed road walk back to Horsehoe Lake, followed by 3 miles over Mammoth Pass. With itchy feet from 2 days in town they are keen to get back on trail, but with a big group gathered at Horseshoe Lake they collectively decide to sleep there and a big social evening ensues. Talk turns to the dangers of the river crossings to come, but Molly & Ethan realise that there is always something to worry about and it is better to verify the actual danger yourself instead of relying on rumour and hearsay. They discuss their decision not to join the group planning a detour into Yosemite valley itself. They talk about the elevated CO2 levels at their camp spot and it provides another dangerous element that one could spend time worrying about. Lamenting a lost spoon/fork (spork) Ethan recaps the day; tomorrow they will be back on the trail proper and heading towards Yosemite and the beginning of the end of the Sierra. Episode 72 of Trail & Errors.