Despite their noisy neighbours this morning, Molly & Ethan hit the trail in good humour, preparing themselves for the dry stretches of trail over the next few days. They moves through the remnants of the ‘Redding’ fire, now a few years old but its devastation is evident. Hat Creek Rim is ahead, but before they climb the escarpment they stop in at JJ’s Cafe just off the trail at Old Station; they highly recommend a visit! Once up on the rim the geology is unique; flat out to their east as far as they can see, Mount Lassen behind them rising in the sky, a drop of several hundred feet to their left down to another flat plain stretching away to the horizon, where they now see Mt Shasta rising prominently in the distance. They will walk within its presence for the next few weeks all the way into Oregon. They like having a marker behind them (Mt Lassen) so they can see how far they’ve come, and a target in front of them (Mt Shasta) that they can aim for. The views off of Hat Creek Rim are amazing. Past seemingly extra large cows that are a bit intimidating they head towards a reliable water cache at Road 22, where they camp with the trail family they met at Draksbad yesterday. An awesome day, 28 miles along a good trail with great scenery, enjoy Episode 98 of Trail & Errors 🙂