Covering the 2 days either side of their overnight stop in Chester, episode 96 sees the guys wake after a good sleep under clear skies looking forward to the day ahead. They both are in need of a good wash as they are caked in dirt from the dusty trail. Mt Lassen looms ahead, it’s conical shape reminding them that they are in volcanic formed territory. A huge milestone is reached as they pass they mid-way point of the PCT! Only 1325 miles to go… They make it to the highway and hitch into Chester with their first stop at The Burger Depot. The next morning sees them check out of the Antler Motel, before having some Eggs Benedict at The Copper Kettle Cafe where they discuss their strategy for the rest of NorCal. New shoes collected for Molly from the post office, and new shoes ordered for Ethan, they get a fancy ride back to trail from Mustang Mike, thanks Mike! With a 19 miles section ahead where they can’t camp, they plan their distances accordingly, and hike just 10 miles towards Lassen National Park. Though the scenery is picturesque, mosquitoes are ever present, and the heat is intense. They setup camp and have a bit of a heart-to-heart about motivation and mental fragility; the NorCal blues are bighting! Finishing their discussion on a positive vibe they bed down with some new ideas for their daily routine and hopes for a buffet lunch at Draksbad Ranch in the National Park part-way through the no-camping stretch tomorrow. Enjoy the highs and lows of trail life in Episode 96 of Trail & Errors.