Waking up to yet another beautiful sunny day the guys are hoping for less snow, a less obscured route, and more miles today. They heard what sounded like an impressive fireworks display over Lake Tahoe during the night, and this morning the PCT shows its friendly side with a pleasant clear trail. They consider the miles left to Canada, and the time they have left on their visa, and some mental maths reveals that they need to get to 20+ miles per day from now on. The snow continues to be an issue as they progress towards Granite Chief Wilderness, though they hear that after Sierra City (80 miles away) the PCT is clear. A picnic table lunch is a nice change from sitting in the dirt (or snow!), and they have great views over Lake Tahoe before heading back into a perfumed forest. Glissading down a couple of snowy sections, they push on past 20 miles for the day, though Molly takes a tumble off the trail 🙁 . Eventually camping by a large river, they think about reaching Donner Pass tomorrow and getting some hot food and a free beer at the Ski Ranch there. A satisfying day with good miles made in Episode 86 of Tail & Errors 🙂