Glen Pass (12,000ft) proves a formidable challenge for the team today. They have a nice surprise before they get there though, as, having set off at 2am to get over Kearsarge Pass, Funk & Cricket pass by as Molly & Ethan are breaking camp. Water is again short, despite being surrounded by snow. A long tiring ascent up towards the bowl below the pass follows, with much evidence of avalanches. A miscommunication sees Ethan go off track, though they are distracted from their frustration by the far-off howl of some coyotes. Exhausted, they reach the summit, and plan their strategy for the rest of the day’s miles, however the descent proves more dangerous than the ascent. With a heavier pack and less experience in the snow Ethan struggles a bit to keep his confidence (& his balance!). Eventually getting to safer ground, they pause for a long break and again struggle to find water. Their first proper river crossing follows; and they feel the biting cold of the snow-fed river. Struggling to navigate in the featureless landscape, they end the day safely at camp, though recounting the further river crossing and additional rock climb back to the trail makes them wonder if they were being smart or foolish to keep on walking until well after dark. A dramatic day in episode 62 of Trail & Errors.