Another bright morning on the trail, although the battle with mosquitos is one they’re destined to lose. As they climb the first of the days hills there is a haze on the horizon and an acrid smell that can mean only one thing – forest fires. Each year the western states of the USA suffer from sometimes catastrophic fires, and most years at least part of the PCT is closed, forcing detours and long road walks to avoid affected sections of the trail; will this year be any different? They plan to hike almost 28 miles to Etna today, their last opportunity for a resupply before Oregon! Up & down all day today, and their concerns about fires are reinforced as they walk through burnt sections of woodland completely exposed to the heat of the day. Smoke lingers down in the valley and is trapped in the more distant trees, but the presence of day hikers indicates that they are nearing town. A fairly reckless ride into town, a visit to the Dollar General, and a burger at Dottie’s later they are camped in the town park at Etna thinking about finally getting to Oregon. Episode 106 of Trail & Errors 🙂