The watch-word for today’s journey is ‘wet’. The guys begin the day with oatmeal and peanut butter overlooking Evolution Creek winding it’s way through the valley. It’s an honour to be in such majestic surroundings, and as they move further down towards the river SOBO catches up with them. With the creek in full flood they opt to cross at a slow but wide section that meanders through a flooded meadow, and having spotted the rest of their ‘tramily’ across the creek they secure their belongings as best they can and wade across the chest deep waters. Knowing that Mammoth Lakes is still 4/5 days away there is a quick planning meeting as a couple of the team are heading off-trail to resupply at Vermillion Valley Resort (a day’s hike and a ferry ride away) where they can get internet and reserve a suitable AirBnb for them all to enjoy when they get to Mammoth. The team fragments for the rest of the day, and, once they’re hiking again, Ethan promptly falls on his butt crossing a small stream and gets a proper soaking. They camp early for him to dry off, and think about the big Bear Creek crossing they’ll need to make tomorrow. The famous Californian mosquitos are starting to appear in numbers, but this doesn’t detract from another super day out in the Sierra wilderness. Episode 67 of Trail & Errors 🙂