Waking to birdsong in the town park at Etna, the guys are pleased to have stopped in such a nice town. Breakfast at Bob’s Ranch House, a few more supplies bought, and then an excellent lunch at Denny Bar Company has them feeling full and happy as they walk through Etna to the road out of town. The fires that have been noticeable in the air are far to the north and not affecting the trail as yet. They get distracted by a whistle as they make their to the hitching point; Tom & Crane beckon them over and they waste a pleasant hour catching up on trail news with their old friends at their B&B. A nice hitch follows, again in a pickup but this time a more sedate journey with a dog named Pretzel. Planning ahead to reach Oregon by the end of July, they’re aware of the ‘Devil’s Climb’ that they will have to tackle coming out of Seiad Valley in two days time. The trail is very scenic, and is supposed to be very pretty from here to the border. A breeze dissipates the smoke and they can see glimpses of Mt Shasta. A productive day on the trail in Episode 107 of Trail & Errors 🙂