A 5am alarm call marks the start of a long last push into town. They’re on the trail promptly, and despatch Cascade Creek quickly via a log crossing and a short wade. Passing the 1000 mile marker is an emotional moment as they consider how far their feet have bought them. The miles come quickly as they cross their first bridge for days and the trail winds through a beautiful wooded valley. They’re pleased of their late night push yesterday, and as they start a 2000ft ascent they spot a doe with two fawns in a clearing. The trail moves up out of the forest onto a wide scree covered ridgeline; they take the rocky top to the ridge rather than the steep & sketchy snow covered traverse along the mountainside. The views at the top are immense, and the trail is good, but the wind is insane as the follow the ridge along the western edge before dropping over to the other side through a windy gap with rocky buttresses pointing skyward. Sonora Pass (a road rather than a trail pass) is in sight below, but there’re still some snow fields to traverse and eventually glissade down. They reach the car park, and are immediately blessed by meeting John; who offers them water and energy bars. Another stranger approaches with fresh fruit from the farmer’s market! John is dropping off some friends who are hiking northwards, and his kindness continues by offering them a ride all the way to Bridgeport, and enroute gives Ethan a pair of sunglasses to replace his broken ones; what a super kind guy – thanks John! The find themselves at the quaint Redwood Hotel in Bridgeport, where Ethan’s first priority is to buy some cereal 🙂 . Join them at dinner, where they discuss the recent section and its highs and lows in Episode 79 of Trail & Errors.