Taking in the two days in and out of Dunsmuir, episode 103 begins with the team heading towards Interstate 5 to hitch into town. Ethan is excited as he’s due to pick up some new shoes from the post office, he needs them after 800 miles on his current pair through the Sierra! They calculate that they can make it to Canada before their visas expire with a solid 20+ mile a day average, especially as Oregon is looming and is renown for being an easier trail. Past the 1500 mile marker, they remark on how much easier it is to do big days now; 25 miles is straightforward, at the beginning of the PCT 20 miles was a stretch! They can hear I5 in the distance, but as they approach it is unclear where to hitch from as it is very quiet and they can’t hitchhike on the interstate itself. They do get a ride, and immediately head to the famous Yaks for some super burgers. Of course they end up staying all day, and get a cute cabin at Cave Springs Motel. The following day after breakfast at the excellent Wheelhouse the hotel owner kindly gives them a ride back to trail, thanks Louie! They want to do as many miles as possible, but they have a 5,000ft climb to tend with. Moving out of the woods they have stunning views of Castle Crags when they take a break at Disappearing Creek and enjoy the mango they’ve packed out from town. Heading towards what is rumoured to be the most beautiful campsite on trail they are rewarded with a prime spot facing Mt Shasta and Castle Crags as the sun sheds its fading pink light on the scenery. Check out the pictures at trailanderrors.com, & enjoy hearing about it all in Episode 103 of the Trail & Errors podcast 🙂