A great campsite,  & with their solid crew around them, Molly & Ethan awake to birdsong after a lovely deep sleep. Plenty of chat today amongst the team, as most of them are heading to Yosemite valley tomorrow and this is likely to be their last day all together for (perhaps) a very long time 🙁 . Donahue Pass is today’s obstacle, but it is the last of the High Sierra passes! Whilst the previous weeks have been defined by snowy mountain passes with some river crossings, the next section is defined by abundant water crossings with some snow sections. The heavy melt is evident as the water often cascades down the trail itself. They bump into Sugar Glider; whose appearance reminds them that today is ‘hike naked’ day…mmm. A long last lunch with everyone includes gossip from the trail; SOBO got lost again, we hear about Hong Kong Tyrone, Highlander, Slaughterhouse; they lament the absence of Trail Magic in the Sierras; as (naked) Crunch and (non-naked) Gilligan head out they make an odd pair. Donahue Pass approaches, and crossing Rush Creek beforehand turns out to be straightforward as the snowbridge is still (marginally? luckily?) intact. Ethan analyses the best way to tackle a short steep snowy section before the decision (and his feet) is (are) taken away from him. Happy this is the last of the passes; a long climb up Donahue makes them pleased that this is the highest they’ll be on the trail ever again, and they remember sleeping up at Pinchot (even higher). There is a tremendous glissade down the other side (check the website for a video), but now thoughts turn to river crossings and the group splitting up. With the road to Yosemite only partially opened today, the side team plan for a lie-in to time their arrival (at the first PCT road crossing for over 240 miles) with potential hitchhike opportunities, whilst EthaMol realise this was their last day with some very good friends (as foreigners they have a ‘hard’ visa deadline to reach Canada); hopefully they will all meet up again (Ed; I’d like to meet them too!). Episode 74 of Trail & Errors 🙂