Day 100, and it’s tough to get up from their warm tent. Heading towards Dick’s Pass they walk alongside the still-frozen beauty of Aloha Lake and bump into quite a few Tahoe Rim Trail hikers who warn them about the snow ahead. EthaMol are unfazed by the potential conditions; they feel like expert hikers now, having trained in the SoCal desert and been tested by the High Sierra. The snow is annoying however, as it hides the trail and in the woods navigation is doubly difficult with false trails and lack of landmarks. The views when they occur are beautiful, but not Sierra beautiful, and although the strategy for the day (up a pass, down a pass, walk to camp) is reminiscent of the Sierras they really want to make more miles and are frustrated by the conditions. Slow hiking, getting lost often, and trudging through the snow leads to a wandering mind and homesickness, but they end the day by soaking their feet in a cold lake by their remote campsite. Motivation is difficult, and there is an element of self-pity as they prepare their dinner, but the food cheers them up and they consider their plans for the next couple of days getting to Truckee. Join the team on independence day in Episode 85 of Trail & Errors.