The day begins with 2.5 miles over Mammoth Pass to get back to the PCT, and the team are surprised how much snow has melted since they were last on the trail. Through pine forests and past Minaret Falls the trail is beautiful and different from the remote Sierra they’ve been hiking through for the last few weeks. Ethan is surprised by the distant sound of a truck, a sound not heard from the trail for 300 miles. The see the Devil’s Postpile rock formation from across the river, and think about the climb over Donahue Pass they will tackle tomorrow. Thoughts also again turn to the dangerous state of the rivers they will have to ford. Their bags are heavy with 8 days worth of food, and after two ‘zero’ days in town their legs are heavy too. Part of the crew discuss their plans for a side trip into Yosemite, but Molly & Ethan plan to press on to Sonora Pass 110 miles away. Steep switchbacks take them up to their campsite; with beautiful views across the valley and a stunning sunset they enjoy one of the last nights all together as a group in episode 73 of Trail & Errors.