Originally called Ant and sometimes referred to as Bella, Cricket is a significant component of the trail family. She’s an absolute hoot, always down for fun but genuinely is a lovely soul to be around. When she wants to, she can smash the trail with her hench calves, leaving us all in the dust, yet I’ve noticed she is also one of the most supportive hikers I’ve seen. Whenever someone’s been down or struggling she’ll always be there to offer a helping hand. We love her and are super fortunate to be hiking along her side.

And what can I say that would accurately describe the Funkmeister? This dude, otherwise known as Josh Lowsh, is one of those guys who will always make you laugh no matter how serious the situation is. He’s witty, positive, and, as you can see, classy. His skill set includes random screaming, getting distracted and convincing others to be distracted.