After a beautiful night under the stars with the Milky Way above the guys wake up hungry and it looks like a hot day ahead. Looking forward to Carson’s Pass and the prospect of snacks from its visitors centre they head out discussing the food they’ll have when they reach South Lake Tahoe tomorrow. Ethan feels a bit low, but after his mid-morning oatmeal he perks up. Much more infrastructure is evident on and from the trail; signposts, roads, noises; a lot more day hikers. Expansive views of the Sierras are behind them, although worryingly a forest fire is spotted across the other side of a lake. They reach Carson Pass; Trail Magic! After signing in with the friendly Barbara at the visitor’s centre they return to the car park and sit down with a trail family of PCT hikers whom they’ve been leapfrogging and enjoy a beer and a sandwich and a recap of each others journey through the Sierras. Getting back on trail they plan to use the lunch they didn’t need to eat to have with their supper, and when they eventually set up camp it’s been a long mileage day and they reward themselves with some packed out coca-cola and a double meal before bed. Their last night in the (official) Sierras, they miss their own trail family as they bed down with dreams of luxury and food tomorrow in town. Episode 83 of Trail & Errors 🙂